Tips For A Game Designer

I’m Don, I’m a game designer on World of Warcraft. Specifically, I make quests for World of Warcraft. So World of Warcraft is a fantasy massively multiplayer online game. You play with millions of people around the world in this epic fantasy. So I design the kind of adventures that players go on while they’re playing the game. Part of the job is writing, part of the job is creating interesting characters, part of it is just coming up with cool moments. Are you gonna ride on a dragon here or are you gonna climb a mountain here or you gonna go down into a mine? That’s a big part of the job. And then I also am responsible for executing it and putting it into the game using our tools. – With what you do and kind of, you have, I would say the coolest job on the World of Warcraft team, creating quests and stuff. How does one go about getting to that point in their career?

– I’ve been a Blizzard for 11 years. I started in customer service, I was a game master for Vanilla WoW, I went to quality assurance, I tested WoW a lot for BC, Cataclysm, Northrend. So when I got onto the team, it was through an internal temp assignment. And it was a lot of studying what the developers were doing, playing the game a ton, really thinking critically about how the game was changing and what makes a good quest and what makes a bad quest, and really just trying to learn and have good mentors from within. – Hey, I’m Geoff Goodman. I’m on the Overwatch team. I’m lead hero designer, so I’m responsible for creating the characters and balancing them in the live game as well. Overwatch is a team-based shooter. It has a lot of over-the-top hero designs that everyone gets to play together on a team, six V six, and it’s a lot of fun. So when I’m initially prototyping a hero, I’ll take just a concept we have, like, we’ll start with a bunch of designs on paper and kinda look through what we like and what don’t like and what we wanna try. And then we can go into this tool and I can actually try to hook up individual abilities, like I can build a weapon, okay, it’s gonna reload like this, it’s gonna have this property, it’s gonna feed this kind of fire rate. A lot it’s just trial and error and scripting up a lot of these different abilities and weapons and trying them out. – At BlizzCon, you guys announced Overwatch League. So far, we haven’t heard much about it just yet other than higher player salaries and stuff like that.

But I’m hearing rumors of region-based teams and stadiums and stuff like that. Is there any more you can elaborate on? – Oh, man, I wish I could give more details. I mean, a lot of it’s still kind of being worked out on our end. Unfortunately, I don’t have any new info that way. – Do you know when it will officially start? – I don’t have an official exact date right now, but I will say planning on this year. – Cool. – Meeting all the different people that work on all these games I played since I was growing up was literally life goals. – Blizzard has always been, like, one of those top companies I’ve always admired. It takes them a while to release a game, but it’s cool seeing how much thought they put into creating the games. – It was really interesting talking to the designers of the games because just seeing where they drew inspiration, who they identified with, and what their favorite things were about those players, makes me wanna think about changing my players and changing my composition of how I wanna play them. – Something that surprised me was how much hard work and love gets poured into each of the Blizzard games. I was really surprised to see that something as simple as animating a character to walk just took so long. But you could tell that the team behind it was so passionate about the work that they’re creating and they love the characters as much as we do.