Online Gambling Regulation in Different Countries

Swedes Rethinking Online Gambling Ban

It looks as though Sweden’s ban on online gambling advertising may be coming to an end. It seems that prosecutors were told to stop going after the media outlets that were publishing or airing ads that are related to online gambling from foreign nations, for example la fiesta casino in Ireland.

Allegedly UC Malmos, a department of the country’s Prosecution Authority, sent down an order stating that the online gambling advertising ban was to stop being such a large problem and time consumer for the country. It seems that there are plenty of people both within and outside of the country that really wanted to see the ban overturned.

It seems that an appeal was made from Aftonbladet and Expressen, two of Sweden’s newspapers. They send a letter to the European Commission stating that Sweden’s law “did not permit free movement of trade and services” between the country and the 27 member nations. They said that by not allowing online gambling advertising it was in breach of that understanding.

Once the letter was out there, the Swedish Court of Appeals was directed to reopen and examine the verdict against the newspaper, as they had been found guilty of breaching the law by accepting such advertising. They have been attempting to appeal the verdict for the past four years.

The appeals court agreed and ruled that the laws were in “possibly” in contradiction with elements of the European Pact.

Online Gambling Problem in Thailand

It seems that online gambling has become an issue for many countries, and Thailand is among them. They have discovered that many of their residents are actually participating in the realm of online gambling even though it is illegal.

Online gambling continues to sweep the country, even though the government has made it very clear that it is illegal – and has been very persistent in its efforts to pass laws that clearly state it is illegal. But they are still finding that more and more residents are turning to online gambling anyway.

The Thai Department of Special Investigations has been trying without success to identify the different owners and operators of the online gambling sites. They have gotten some information in regards to online betting, but that is a small part of the puzzle.

They say that those that are found to be running these illegal online gambling sites will have their assets frozen, and they will be arrested and prosecuted. They say that they have numbers in the tens of thousands in as far as the number of people participating in online gambling right now.

It seems that it is a younger generation that is involved in the online gambling, and much of it is those that would be betting on soccer games. They account for a large part of the online gambling, but not all of it. They say that they are aware that many countries have tried to stop, or at least curb online gambling, but have not yet been successful.