Learning Proper Etiquette

Not only is it important to learn the rules of the game and the rules of the casino but the rules of etiquette do apply as well. When you can play and act like a professional at Casinoslots but as a beginner then you have master the casinos game rules. Here are some of the rules that apply, when you are offered the dice to shoot a player can pass the dice to the next player without offending anyone. But keep in mind that at least one player must always be a shooter and the betting on either the pass line or do not pass line fro the game to continue.

When tipping a dealer the most common way is to toss a chip onto the table and say the phrase For the House , For the Dealer or For the Boys even if the dealers are female. Or another way would be place a chip next to your betting chip and call dealers. The dealers bet as they are called are smaller than the best but all tips are much appreciated.

After a come out roll it is considered bad luck to say the word seven, the nickname of the number 7 is Big Red. It is also bad luck to change dice right in the middle of a roll. The center bets are made by tossing chips in the middle of the table and call out the intended bet and the stickman will then place the correctly for the player. Another rules of etiquette that dealers don’t like are late bets they are considered rude or to make bets when the dice is not in the center of the table anymore. The late betting is allowed but the excessive late bets will have the dealer giving a warning. For a game etiquette rule, when the shooter is ready to roll all the players should remove their hands from around the table area to avoid interfering with the dice.

When making your bet in the field or on the BIG 6 or the BIG 8, it is the responsibility to track his or her bet. You can Place bets and Come Line bets and these will be tracked by the dealer who pays you directly. The Hardway bets and other proposition type bets will be tracked by the stickman and the player will be paid by the dealer directly to you on the instruction from the stickman.