Inside Blizzard Studio

Today we’re visiting Blizzard and I am freaking out. I’m so excited. Overwatch and World of Warcraft are my favorite games of all time. I am 100% fangirling out. – I been playing video games ever since Starcraft: Brood Wars came out, which was about, like, 16 years ago. – I’ve been playing games for well over 20 years. And some of the earliest games that I played were Blizzard games. I played Warcraft, I played Diablo like nobody’s business. Blizzard has always been a huge part of my gaming existence. – I’ve been gaming since about six years old. Always seen BlizzCon, but never actually got to attend, so being here at the actual company is just amazeballs. (dynamic music) – My name is Lana Bachynski. I am an animator for Heroes of the Storm. I spend my days bringing life to characters you see onscreen. Heroes of the Storm is a team-based five-versus-five brawler. Or just find some games here:

It’s about your favorite heroes across all Blizzard universes and pulls them all into this place that we’ve deemed the Nexus. And they can fight each other in an epic battle for eternity. My typical process for animation starts off on paper. And it basically is a quick way of jotting things down and showing them to the team so that you get buy-in from all the different departments you have to work with to eventually get the final product. We will have many different props that we can use and take videos of ourselves doing these dumb motions. The animation itself is done on something that looks like this. This is called the rig. My job is done by taking these different pieces (group laughs) and moving them around. So it’s just like a puppet. I like to say I play with these 3D dolls all day. The fun thing about our game is that we can adjust everything live. So I can show you an example.

Let’s say, for some reason or another, I wanted to adjust this. I could go into the graph editor. If I turn this on and I select all this, this animation actually looks like that. It’s a bunch of graphs. I could take these controls and put them way up and be like, cool, that looks (group laughs) way better! And let’s say, for some reason, that’s what I wanted to see in-game. I just want to do a quick test so I can export it locally and it will immediately update live as soon as it’s done exporting. See him start bouncing around like crazy. There we go! (group laughs) So I can immediately see my changes in-game. – How long does it usually take from start to finish to, like, get done with a character and put in a game? – Originally, some of the characters were animated in two weeks. Now our team’s a little bit bigger. We have a little bit more luxury of times and so we’re working typically around six weeks from start to finish.